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Lomonosov Moscow State University Business School

1-52 Leninskie gory Moscow 119234 Russia metro station «Universitet»

Lomonosov MSU BS trains students to become successful managers by opening up new international horizons to them and enhancing their competitiveness through development a modern vision, global thinking and behaviour that respects moral, ethical and legal standards. The second component of the MSU BS’s mission is the development and publication of high quality educational materials on the basis of scientific and applied research.
The Lomonosov MSU BS`s goal is to bolster the art, theory and technology of business and management. By preparing strategically focused, skilful and ethical managers, the School contribute to the development of a civilized, competitive business reality  in Russia and around the world.The Lomonosov MSU Business School is working to accomplish its mission and achieve its goal by providing students with the highest-quality management education possible, an education that fully aligned with international standards for quality assurance in higher education. 

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