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Rome Business School

Rome Business School

Via Salaria, 44 – Rome, Italy

Better Manager For a Better World.

The Rome Business School is one of the world’s most international business schools. We welcome students from more than 120 countries around the world. We are a managerial training and research institute of excellence.

Our aim is to play a role in closing the gap between the academic world and the job market by providing managerial training courses suited to convey the knowledge necessary to kick off or develop professional careers or business activities.

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MBA at "Rome Business School"

Programmes Overall score
MBA € 8.53 / 10

Latest reviews for MBA at Rome Business School

  • International exposure and flexibility

    MBA €

    I came, I saw, I was taught how to conquer and… I did! All this thanks to the Rome Business School. The Rome Business School literally transformed and improved me. Today, if I can boast of successfully running a business in my home country – Nigeria – it is...
    • Academic8.56
    • Students life9.6
    • Campus life7.52
    • Opportunities and network8.63
    • Value for money9.3
    8.72 10
  • Double MBA opportunities with 4 countries

    MBA €

    unique experience, flexibility, student care and big international network. I will always fee part of the family.
    • Academic8.54
    • Students life7.9
    • Campus life8.9
    • Opportunities and network9.15
    • Value for money8.5
    8.6 10
  • Great flexibility, suitable with any schedule

    MBA €

    global network and international classes. I also got a Double Degree in NYC, thanks to the several agreements of the school with insitution from 5 continents!
    • Academic8.16
    • Students life8.1
    • Campus life7.86
    • Opportunities and network8.93
    • Value for money8.4
    8.29 10